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AI Meets the Energy Networks

Intelligence on


What We Are

In short, AI SUSTEIN is a program made to support and grow the knowledge and use of artificial Intelligence in areas like the power grid. This program was made possible due to the funding by the National Science Foundation!

Did You Know?

Not every state has the resources to produce enough energy to meet its demands. That's where the energy network comes in! Some states depend on their neighbors and those who produce more than they use!

Program Summary

AI SUSTEIN project focuses on enhancing the technological and economical growth of the nation in regards to energy networks. It is critical for the nation to have an adaptable and sustainable energy supply! By implementing artificial intelligence, we plan on finding the vulnerabilities and creating flexible automated preventative measures for possible impacts.

Jurisdictions Involved:

North Dakota - known for oil and gas production

Nevada - known for solar energy

Arkansas - known for agriculture, farming, food processing, and warehousing

Extreme Weather


When harsh weather calls, be it -40° or 125°, or even floods, if we are not prepared and the power goes out for a day or two, everything could come to a standstill. For states who are not in a strong spot on the power network, weather like this could lead to a stop or permanent closure in local businesses and industries, not to mention the possible loss of lives. If there was a system that could adapt and secure the energy supply to these states, we could prevent the negative impacts of these events. This is what we are exploring! An AI system that watches over the "health" of the network and provides automated preventative maintenance!

= More Power

Image by Luis Graterol

Who We Are

A group of universities who bring experience from different areas of the US to collaboratively come up with solutions for impacts to energy supply.


North Dakota State University


Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College


University of Arkansas


University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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