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We are a NSF EPSCoR Track-2 program that is working towards using artificial intelligence to help secure the future of sustainable energy infrastructure networks. By working with industries we will be able to push technological progress and invest in the next technological advancements. We will be collaborating with each other to create an educational program that builds the future workforce for the era of AI. This will create many opportunities to improve living standards and promote economic growth.


The authors express their gratitude to the funding provided to support this study from National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR RII Track-2 Program under the grant number OIA-2119691. The findings and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsors.

Did You Know?

The Energy Sector is made up of energy infrastructure, which includes more than just the electricity to power homes. To keep our economy fueled we depend on two additional assets:


Natural Gas

What is Energy Infrastructure?

Energy infrastructure is the underlying foundation that allows for the generation, transfer, and distribution of energy from place to place. By combining different energy infrastructures, a network is created to bring energy to areas far and wide. In our jurisdictions, the energy infrastructure network is crucial to dispersed populations.


An AI based model can work with data from different energy infrastructures in the jurisdictions.

This model will "listen" to the network and analyze its "health".


From the "health" of the network, we can use deep learning to provide data to represent changes in the network.

These changes can be used to predict instances of failure and other problematic issues.


Being able to predict failure will make it possible to create a plan to mitigate or prevent the negative impact.

Once multiple plans are "thought of" the best one can be carried out.

Where is AI involved?

How will we prep the future workforce?

We strive to explore the domain of AI for automation and other advancements. We plan on achieving this through training, mentoring, forming relationships with industries (related to the energy sector), creating different programs, and other activities. 

Training will be with an abundance of data to make sure that they understand how to analyze and interpret different forms of information. 

Mentoring will be offered along the way to help with any questions and possible issues that they may face. In regards to our team, this will also help stay on track and pursuing progress.

Among other things, within the jurisdictions we plan on increasing awareness and knowledge of AI by creating an associate degree program, along with a minor program. 

Did You Know?

Over the last four years, the use of AI in businesses has increased by 270%!

What We Bring

Knowledge from different areas of study, from Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, to different types of Engineering.

Diverse workforce to collaborate and acquire a holistic solution that leads to new knowledge.

Plenty of opportunities for students and researchers alike to secure the energy of the nation.

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