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Did You Know?

There is a company called Energy Vault that has created a "nondegradable battery" to help out jurisdictions that use lots of electrical power!


To be able to achieve the main goal of the AISUSTEIN program, there are going to be three different research themes. Each theme will have its own focus, be broken down into smaller main goals, and will help build the next theme. Upon completion these themes will bring a new level of awareness, understanding, knowledge, and skills. 

Theme Objectives





the interdependencies within the infrastructure networks, along with carrying out economic and risk assessments.


a monitoring and predicting system to keep track in real-time of the health of the infrastructure networks.


the system's endurance and flexibility when it comes to the infrastructure network and similar industries.

Current Theme:

Research Theme 1

What we are striving to learn is the complexity of the energy sector within these jurisdictions. For this we need to learn about all of the pieces that rely on the energy networks, along with the pieces that the energy networks rely on. To fully understand this from all perspectives we will be merging mathematics, engineering, AI, and social sciences. This approach will give us new all-encompassing knowledge about the innerworkings of the energy networks, which will help us determine the next step, impacts and risks of possible disruptions. On top of meaningful assessment, this will pave the way for building a monitoring system for the next theme. 

When it comes to how to begin understanding the interdependencies, we will split the network into two different layers, the Energy Network and the Economic Network. The Energy Network will consist of more layers for electricity, oil, and gas distribution, while the Economic Network will consist of related industries that make electric power possible to be distributed.

Did You Know?

While us at AI SUSTEIN are working towards a more sustainable and reliable energy network with AI, others are using AI to detect failure and with the treatment process of the wastewater sector.


AI shines when there are complex and variable patterns ready to be analyzed. At the moment we are developing a model to determine weak and strong interdependencies within the two interconnected layers.


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