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Our main goal is to provide key information and resources for stakeholders and those involved in the AI or data analytic industries so that we may build a strong and diverse workforce with these essential skills!


a multi-discipline AI/Data Analytics course for critical infrastructure and teach it, while giving opportunities to tribal and other minority schools for research training.


mentor, and support junior faculty in areas related to big data and AI.


a program and partner with the infrastructure industry to offers them technical assistance with AI/Big Data ideas for:

  • real time monitoring

  • maintenance planning

  • reliability issues


and put together the creation of an associate degree for AI at NHSC, and offer minors at the other participating universities.


Current Activities

To reach the goal of being a source of key information about AI and analytics, we need to have a strong foundation of faculty who are knowledgeable in the area and willing to teach in those areas and give opportunities to students. To have this we have to have classes and feedback relating to these areas.

We have begun by forming different undergraduate and graduate courses, getting them approved, then eventually teaching them. These courses will have a focus on predictive analytics, cloud based big data analytics, decision support systems, and different AI methods and technology that will prepare students for larger scaled problems.

So far we have one graduate and one undergraduate course ready for Spring of 2023 at NDSU, and a new undergraduate course in development in AI for UNLV.

Upon building these classes, we have also created a program for minority students that was held during the summer of 2022. This summer undergraduate research program (REU) was successful in providing the much needed opportunity to spark interest in AI and big data and grow their knowledge with interdisciplinary research! (Look at our 2022 students below) We have prepared another summer REU program for 2023!

Once classes have been approved, with the help of our industry partners, the classes will be compressed into a certificate class. This will give practitioners more knowledge on the topic as well as a certificate.

Did You Know?

To create a college class there are many things that need to be considered, like:

Timing and Situation

Learning Objectives

Potential Assessments

Schedule and Content

Strategy used to Teach

Current REU Students

2022 REU Students

Students will be prepared  and have the knowledge required to enter the AI/Big Data workforce.

Any tests given in the offered classes will provide data that can be used to improve the course and areas of teaching.

Practitioners will be able to spread awareness of AI and what can be done with it.

Students will feel encouraged to explore different areas of study, and will increase the retention and graduation rate.

Expected Outcomes

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